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On fire since 1844

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Faber was founded in the Netherlands by Jan Gerrits who opened a blacksmith shop in 1844 forging a range of fireplaces and stoves. Since this time, manufacturing, product design, and ways of conducting business have all but changed. Since these days Faber has developed a host of new inventions and technologies that are now seen as the benchmark in the international hearth market.

Through all history changes one thing has always remained in the past 175 years; the way families felt when returning home to warm in front of the fire and talk about the day's events. It is around a fire where you tell your friends your holiday tales or you share your most intimate feelings with your loved one. Before they go to bed you read your children a bed-time story. Sometimes it doesn't need words, a look is enough to say what you feel.

There’s nothing that brings family together more than fire, experiencing the beautiful moments and when you take time for each other. It is the passion for fire we share together. The reason for Faber.



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Glen Dimplex Americas is committed to innovative design and energy efficiency in the areas of temperature control and comfort creation. Our dynamic portfolio of leading brands and low carbon technologies are strategically positioned to meet the market challenges of tomorrow by enhancing the moments that matter in life and in the environment.

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Faber means

Sharing life


A genuine interest in what moves or excites other people. Looking for solutions together and finding the right answers.


Creating a warm, sensory world that invites you to share your stories. A world that also challenges and encourages to share new experiences together.


An urge for pure quality in everything we do and want to bring about. Working together on a story that cuts it - now and in the future.

Human touch

Working together on meaningful, equal relationships; creating a positive chemistry that 'lives' without becoming jaded.


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